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Champions All!


Our 8th NorCal MTB crown was earned just a couple of weeks ago, and now the fantastic Drake Pirate Champions took second place in the 2014 final state race which pitted the NorCal and SouthCal conference teams against each other once again.

You all do not need the word State to accompany the word Champions. Such an incredible group of riders, excellent coaching, over the top parent support and the best attitude of any team that was there last weekend. I am very proud of all of you and your efforts and most of I all am so thrilled that the heart beat of Drake MTB has not wavered  through transition. Coach Sarah and Coach Otis have done an incredible job this year putting their signature on a fantastic bunch of kids and a great program.

Roll Pirates!
Coach Paul

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Sara Starbird – Coach

We arrived at Laguna Seca Raceway with the wind racing faster than the $100,000 McLaren’s on the track. With the sand whipping up into our eyes and difficulty just staying upright on the bikes, as coaches, we struggled to find the positive in the situation. But like always, the kids didn’t flinch to put on their helmets, hop on their bikes and go check out the course that they were all determine to crush the next day. It was so great to hear from one of the riders, that even though we didn’t have perfect conditions, everyone was dealing with the same challenges – the same sentiment Otis had shared with the kids at one of the colder race starts last season.

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2014 Race Schedule & Details

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FEB 22(South) -23(North) East Garrisonbrought to you by Santa Cruz Bicyles Drake Team Info Page»
MAR 08(North) -09(South) Granite Bay Grinder
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MAR 22(South) -23(North) East Garrison Challenge - course changed from race #1 Drake Team Info Page»
APR 05(North) -06(South) Petaluma Ranch Round-Up   Cancelled due to rain
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APR 26(North) -27(South) Boggs Conference Championship - brought to you by Levi’s GranFondo Drake Team Info Page»
MAY 11 State Championships - Luguna Seca Drake Team Info Page»

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NorCal League North Conference Champions!


Picture taken by Connie Breeze

 That title sounds pretty nice doesn’t it?

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Coaches report and race reports below, and visit our Facebook for lots of other photos and stories!


Boggs Mountain 4-26-14

The regular NorCal race season culminating at Bogg’s Mountain was a fitting end to a very successful Season for Drake MTB. Not only was this race a defining moment for the Team, it shows a strong and successful future that lies ahead for this program.

At stake for this race were the overall standings for both teams and individuals. Many times the question has been asked as to how we are so successful so allow me to shed some light on the subject.

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Historic Win At East Garrison!

On a beautiful Sunday in Monterey, the Drake Pirates opened the Season with a historic win. For the first time in Drake MTB history, riders stood on the podium in all eight categories, taking first place over Redwood by 153 points.

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Coach Peg Arm PaulHowdy Drake MTB!

Things got off to a great start with the girls really coming through for Drake. Newcomer Ella Morrero came in 4th for the Freshman Girls. Our lone Sophomore Girl, Madison Lescohier, placed 3rd. Julia Mace, in her first race for the Pirates, placed 4th and rounding out the girls awesome performance, Alicia Leggett placed 4th in Varsity Girls.

Not to be outdone, the boys decided to step it up as well. In Freshman Boys, Liam Jay placed 2nd and Sam Bruckner placed 4th. Sophomore rider Finn Brown took the 5th spot and in JV Boys, Dean Lyons placed 4th. Sterling Guy completed the historic performance by placing 4th in Varsity Boys.

The entire Team rode really well for our season opener, reflecting their hard work and revamped training  program rolled out by head Coaches Sarah Starbird and Otis Guy. It is awesome to see such a well balanced performance by the entire Team and bodes well for a strong Season ahead. Be sure and check out all of the results at

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Tamarancho 1000 Right Around the Corner

Howdy folks!

It is time to kick off the High School Mountain Biking season and what better way then to go for a ride in Tamarancho. Yes the T1K is just around the corner. Lets get the season started off right. The T1k is an event for all riders and their families from Drake, Redwood and Branson. It’s a lot of fun so mark your calendars and plan on attending.

For those who do not know, the T1K is a potluck gathering at Tamarancho to kick off the year. There is a morning ride for the student riders followed by a potluck lunch for everyone.

T1K date: October 26, 2013
Time: 10am to 3pm
Location: Ghilotti A-Frame in Tamarancho
click on this link for details on the T1K

Volunteers are needed to make this event run smoothly so click here to help out. Enter your name and a contact number.
T1K volunteer sheet

Food is needed, so sign up to bring something yummy for all to share. Enter your name and a contact number.
T1K food sheet

Lastly – the Map. Here is the official map of Tamarancho.
T1K Map

The Food and Volunteer links take you to a spreadsheet. Please just enter your name and contact number into a blank slot. Please do not edit anything else and do not delete an existing name.

Please check out each of the links and read through the Information sheet.


Welcome Back

Riders, Parents, and Distinguished Alumni,

I guess it is about time to welcome you all back to the new school year! I sincerely hope that everyone had a spectacular summer filled with fun and relaxation. I wanted to quickly get everyone caught up as to all of the work that is going on as we start ramping up for the 2014 Mountain Biking Season.

First off, I would like to officially tell you about some Administrative changes that we have worked out for the coming season. Apparently, retirement was not a great option for myself or the Team as it is difficult turning away from something that is a passion. Going forward, I will be taking over the Director’s responsibilities for the Team. The numerous duties involved will be primarily handled by me with the help of Coaches and Parent Volunteers when needed. Sarah Starbird will be stepping in as Head Coach and working closely with Otis Guy as Co-Head Coach. They are currently working on a new training approach that will greatly benefit all Team members, offering a more sophisticated level of activities that will cover the needs of all levels of riders. Coach Kevin and Coach/Mechanics Eric Brandt and Joe Breeze will be with us as well as Mechanic Tony Merz and new Asst. Coach Dan Defner. The Coaching Staff will be rounded out with a host of Parent Ride Leaders as I am sure that many of you will enjoy helping the Staff out on Team rides.

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Drake Makes Strong 2nd Place Showing At California State Finals!

After taking our 7th NorCal MTB crown at Boggs Mountain a couple weeks ago, Drake took second place in the annual final matchup which pitted the NorCal and SouthCal conference teams against each other in the 6th and final race of the year.

Congratulations to Redwood High on their State Championship! Right behind us was Marin Catholic and Salinas High School out of a field of over 2 dozen Division 1 teams statewide.

Special congratulations to Ben Enbom for winning the JV Boys race (1 hour, 36 minutes, 3 seconds)! More details below in the Coaches Report and team race reports!

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Stafford Lake, Novato, Race 6 – NorCal/SoCal 2013 State Chapionships

Howdy All!

Unlike Sterling, it has taken me awhile to return from Area 51 but I am back now and can tell you all what exactly happened on this, my last race as Head Coach of the Starship Drake MTB!

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Drake Takes NorCal Win!

Drake-Team-Boggs-2013May 28th Drake MTB earned our 7th NorCal League Championships at Boggs Mountain!

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A hearty congratulations to everyone for a job well done, and an emotional weekend at Boggs as Coach Paul announces his retirement after nearly a decade of coaching Drake MTB since the inception of the team. Coaches report and race reports below, and visit our Facebook for lots of other photos and stories!


Bogg’s Mountain, Race 5 2013, NorCal League Championship

Boggs Mountain State Demonstration Forest has, for many years, has been one of my favorite destinations for mountain biking related activities. Even before I got involved with Drake MTB this was a place where we would spend many a beautiful day marveling at the tall pines and flowing single track that was pretty much void of traffic and politics.

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Drake MTB Ties Salinas For #1 In NorCal Standings

In our 4th event for 2013, “Ride At The Raceway” 4/7/13 at Laguna Seca, Drake MTB put in a powerful performance resulting in a tie with Salinas High for the #1 spot going into the NorCal final later in the month, then the State Championship in May. Congratulations to everyone on excelling despite some extra challenges!!

Drake MTB Celebrates At Laguna Seca 4-7-2013

More Pictures: by Tom McCarty

NorCal Results here; race reports, comments and pictures below!

Coach Peg Arm PaulLaguna Seca, April 7, 2013 • Coach’s Report

Howdy All!

The first thing that comes to mind from this weekends race is “Against All Odds”. It seems that every race this season has been an unbelievable show of determination and strength from an incredible group of riders who continually give each race their best shot.

I was reminded yet again of the respect and awesome status our Team has, from an unlikely source, in my conversation with Coach Robert from Salinas. When congratulating him on what appeared to be a race winning performance, he was not too certain of their victory and said, ” You guys are Champions and Champions always find a way to win.”

Although it turned out that they did indeed come in first, given the circumstances, we really came up big at this race. Going in we knew it was going to be a tough race as we were going to have to pick up a lot of slack from the absence of Leah Lindt-White, Lucas Newcomb, Eleanor Waterhouse and Galen Pogoncheff, all of them big point earners for the Team, so here is how it played out.

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Pirates Crush At Granite Bay!

Race #3 for 2013 at Granite Bay brought together all of NorCal for the first time this season, and was a great day for the Pirates.  NorCal Results here; race reports, comments and pictures below!

Pirates at Granite Bay, March 24, 2013

More Pictures: Tom McCarty • David Benjamin • Chris Reudy

Granite Bay Mar. 24, 2013 • Coach’s Report

Howdy All!

Once again the sun was shining on Drake MTB as we entered our first full League race of the season on Sunday, March 24 2013.

Coach Peg Arm Paul

Having the split League races the first two times was a bit confusing in relation to getting a real feel for where we were with the entire League. Over 700 riders representing 55 High Schools is a tall order not only for the Teams but for the NorCal League as well and my hat goes off to the League for pulling this race off in a very professional manner. What was really incredible was the fact that Drake MTB pulled out yet another win on a day we struggled a little. The placement results were down a bit given the larger fields but the point distribution between the increased number of schools spread things out a bit.

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