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Pirates Bring it Home!! Congratulations Drake MTB – 2015 State Champions

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Drake takes NorCal North Conference Title! April 25, 2015


With only a 17-point difference between Redwood and Drake, and Woodcreek inching toward both teams, Drake needed to throw down the hammer to grab every point available to hang on to the Championship title. Well, the team did this and even more. The weekend was a huge success on every level and once again, Boggs was the high point of the season with lots of PRs and good times by the campfire.

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We arrived at the Pirate Cove (thanks to Paul scouting out the scene a few days early) around 3pm Friday and suited up for the pre-ride. We all expected the course to be sweet but everyone’s expectations were far exceeded by the time we rolled back into the campground. From there, it just got better. A light drizzle for the next few hours turned the trails to pure butter. The course was tacky and fast and even more fun.

The pit zone was set and the campfire burning strong with the usual efficiency. Front row seating by the fire was at a premium with the student athletes huddled together while eagerly anticipating Ed’s delicious chilly. And, if you couldn’t find someone by the campfire, they were probably cocooned in the hammock section of the camp area. I have a feeling there is a new tradition developing and the hammocks will be as much as a staple as the breakfast burritos and trainers.

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